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Gokou cultivar made by Azuma TeaFarm /  No pesticide, chemical fertilizer used/ direct cover / Ceremonial Grade (can be used for Okoi-cha) / First harvest, 2023

The best condition of leaves was only used. Top grade of Matcha at my store. It is a very creamy taste and fine aroma less astringency. You can enjoy smooth and mild Matcha. Now, pull top container is available!


Matcha (Gokou / Grade A) 30g

  • Use 2g Matcha per serving. ②Pour in approx. 80℃ hot water into a matcha bowl.③Using a chasen whisk,​ mix matcha powder and hot water together by moving the whisk. ④Mix well until no powder left in the Matcha bowl. If you make fine bubbles, you can enjoy Matcha with pleasant and mellow taste. If you make less bubbles, you can enjoy the smell of matcha.

  • Avoid high temperature and humidity,​ and be careful of odor transfer

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