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Online TEA party &TEA lesson

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<Online / Seasonal tea gathering>

       Brew a cup of tea together using the convenient online ZOOM function.

       Even through the screen, the time spent brewing and tasting tea together is

       a fine time.

       I send you fresh teas from Japan according to the season and theme.

       (3-5 varieties, 1-2 infusions each)

      Connect with Zoom and talk about tea while brewing and tasting tea together.


     The next Online Tea gathering will be held in May 2023.

     Let's brew a warm cup of tea together.


      5,000 yen (domestic), 5,500 yen + shipping cost (outside Japan/DHL)

<Private Japanese Tea Lesson>


     Basic Japanese tea lesson 60min x 3 days

     30,000 yen + shipping cost (outside Japan/DHL or Japan postal service)

     I will send you several kinds of tea leaves.
     Let's enjoy learning the types of Japanese tea, characteristics of each,

     production method, brewing tips, taste, history, etc.

If you are interested in, please E-mail me at

Let's set a schedule!

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