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TEA Farm Activity


YOGA Day at Azuma TEANERY!

the third Sunday of every month

Healing YOGA, Matcha experience, tasting a variety of teas

Azuma teanery in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan

5000yen/per person including Lunch, a variety of teas, Matcha experience.

11:00 - 14:00


3-hour program (in the winter season)
Walk through the tea fields and enjoy the green landscape and deep breathing.
Matcha experience and Healing yoga in a traditional Japanese house.

Lying on the tatami mats, you will feel comfortable and almost doze off.

Tea farmer homemade lunch is included.


Private sessions are available for 5 or more people on dates other than those above.

Please contact us for details.

Azuma TEANERY is an annex of Azuma chaen. Azuma chaen handles all the processes

from the fields to packing by themselves. All fields are grown without pesticides.

Azuma TEANERY was created for people to enjoy freshly made tea.

about us wazuka map.gif

Azuma Teanery:
125-1 Monzen miyano, Wazuka cho, Souraku gun, Kyoto, Japan   zip:619-1204

Wazuka cha Cafe:
​35 Shirasu Ohazama, Wazuka cho, Souraku gun, Kyoto, Japan  zip:619-1222

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